Discovering Hidden Talents

Education provided by our school goes beyond the limits of text books. Students are exposed to different National Scholarship Exams and Inter school and other competitions. They are given several opportunities to develop their talents. The cultural activities are framed to build up stage confidence and inculcate social and moral values among young ones.

Sports: "Nourishing the Champion"

Physical training is a part of the regular programme in the school schedule. Sports & Games competitions are conducted every year, for all the students under four houses and the best house is awarded with ever rolling trophy. Training and practice for games like Basketball, Football, Kabaddy, Khokho, Hockey, and Cricket are given to the students..

Labs: Experimenting to be experts

Lab is a centre for the discovery of chemicals, dimensions and angles where students learn to become tomorrow’s Edison. Well furnished and well equipped Science labs provide ample opportunities for the students to experiment and analyze the theoretical studies. The systematic computer education with assistance of lab is a part of our regular curriculum and it begins from class 1st.

Festive Campus

We commemorate all national and other important festivals with different cultural activities; fostering the value of understanding of culture with learning different arts. Main concern behind the celebration of these festivals is to cultivate love and respect for the esteemed Indian culture and the spiritual values she upholds.

Picnic and Exposure programmes

Every year we take students to different national picnic destinations in view of amusement and leaning. They are also taken outside for different exposure programmes for giving awareness to the young minds.