Having had a very humble beginning, in the year, 2006 with about 40 students, St Thomas School has now secured a good name among the bid schools in Ujjain.

The Idea of starting St Thomas School in Ujjain.

It was in the year 2004 that the idea of having a school for the society (MST) originated in the minds of the members of the society working in Ujjain.. It was, to say, an initiation from the then Director General Very Rev. Fr Kurian Ammanathukunnel and the Regional Director Very Rev. Fr Peter Vattappara, who served the school as the first Manager, till 2007. 

Rev. Fr James (Saji ) Thakadiyel was the first appointed principal and  Rev. Sr Annie and Sr Maria Cicilia, started the preliminary work (including Admission process) for the school.

The official beginning of the school was on 4th July 2006, with a short opening ceremony. In the first two Years the school was run in a rented building at Mangal colony, Ujjain. 

Changes and transfers.

Fr Peter, was replaced by Rev. Fr Paul Parecatil as the new Manager (2007 -2012) and then in 2012 Fr Paul was substituted by Rev. Fr Antony Moonjanattu. (2012- till date).
Rev. Fr James Thakadiyel, was substituted by Rev. Fr Varghese in 2011and he was replaced by Rev. Fr Sojan (Joseph Unnieppillil) in June 2012. 
In 2011 Rev Fr Jonson Kuppayil assisted the school as the vice- principal. He was substituted by Rev. Fr Varghese  (Biju) Cherolil and then in 2013 as he went for his M.S Studies, to the states, Rev. Fr Joseph (Binu) Pandyal replaced him. In 2013 the school was blessed with the presence of a regent brother and with 6 teachers from Kerala.
The academic year 2012 began with paying tribute to Late Mar John Perumattom, the first Bishop of Ujjain. Special prayers were held in the presence of Rev. Fr. Paul Parekattil, the Regional Director of St Paul Region, Ujjain. 


Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and the other important and National holidays are celebrated with all Solemnity and vigour and vitality wth colourful cultural programmes. 
Oath ceremony of the newly elected School leaders and House captains contribute ….. March Past and cultural programmes …..
CREATIONS  Board Aiming at the integral development of the students - STAR CHARTS  & was started as a platform for publishing articles, poems, drawings etc. 
CULTURAL MOMENTS … To bring out the innate talents of the children and to open up chances for many to exhibit their abilities was started for the primary students. 

Parents Teachers Meeting

Every second Saturday of the month is set apart for the parents… to hear them, to get suggestions and corrections… to listen to their queries and tensions…

Teacher’s Day 

Children’s Day 



Rhymes Competition 

Speech competition in Hindi and English 

Story competition 

Handwriting competition English and Hindi 

MEC Scholarship exam 

Managerial classes

There was a class for the IV standard students for time management 


A picnic I to V to Nakrali , Indore. We started at 10am. Many of the students came for picnic. We came back around 8 pm. 


Science and art exhibition 

Group photo Session 

MEC student rank holders. Class wise group photo was also taken with the class teacher and father principal.

Children’s Day, the 124th birthday of the 1st Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, is celebrated with all solemnity. Rev. Fr Antony Munjanattu, the new Manager of the school,  gave a lovely message to the children. KG II Lily student’s perfomed different programmes.  

Sports Day. Rev. Fr Jose Kondoor, the president of the Nirmal Jyoti Educational and Charitable Society, the Director of the school, was introduced and welcomed to the school very warmly and he inaugurated the sports day, with a beautiful message for the students.

Social Awareness programmes

A Lecture on cancer, its symptoms, its causes, problems, and prevention and cure, was given to the students by Dr Joshi from Caring Souls Foundation, Ahamedabad. Students collected about Rs 35000 for the cause.

MEC Scholarship Exam. More than 700 students participated in the competition. This year 38 of our students came up with 3rd to VIII rank. 

Digital Classes (Smart Class) are introduced and inaugurated in the school, by Rev. Fr Antoy Munjanattu, the Manager of the school. 

Junior Editor Competition was conducted school wise, by the Dainik Bhaskar group and  Two of our students Nimish Chauhan, 5th class and Shouryaveer 2nd class, were awarded - state level award.

Our Celebrations. 

We celebrate all the national and other important days, feasts and other days very solemnly with : the important ones are ;

1. Republic Day
2. Independence Day
3. Teachers’ Day
4. Gandhi Jayanti
5. State Day
6. Children’s Day
7. Christmas .

Our Specialties

1. A beautiful and furnished Big School Building.
2. Smart Class ( All the classes in the school are furnished with digital learning facility (from Next Education Group)
3. A well furnished computer lab with software and certificate from NIIT.
4. Language lab Facility available in all classes, and Computer Lab.
5. Well qualified and dedicated staff.
6. Neat and Clean, dust free, plastic free surroundings.
7. Vehicle Facility from all the corners of the city. (in a radius of 7 kms)