Though humble in beginning, the past of St Thomas School was with full of Blessings... the present.... committed to excel in harmony....... long line of dedicated personnel and a good number of opportunities to be seized ....... and our future - a complete, blissful reflection of hard work dedicated service to the entire humanity...... to global excellence and to God Almighty Our task is to march towards excellence - by providing proficient scholastic training to our students, without compromising the curriculum content to nurture national integrity, social commitment and religious harmony, emphasising perspective character formation and creative thinking, providing every possible opportunity for successful and bright future, leading towards global excellence.

Apart from providing education, we do an equally outstanding co-curricular and extracurricular agenda for our students. Here no student will feel rejected, but personal attention to every student is ensured, where exposure, experimentation and innovation are the key words that resemble and reflect our life and action. This holistic learning will enable and empower the students to be confident, just, honest and disciplined, with exemplary manners and etiquette, empowering them to be intellectually competent, morally upright, spiritually persevering, emotionally sound and sensitive to the ethos of the modern society.


St Thomas School, Ujjain.